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Lahti's Commission

Commission Status


Terms of Service

 All purchases will be made through PayPal. I require you to give a Paypal email so I can send you an invoice. If you're having issues with Paypal I can give you a Paypal.me link for payment.
    - Purchases are in USD unless otherwise stated
    - Send as Good/Service
    - Check No address needed
    - Do NOT include any extra information about the commission in the PayPal transaction. The only exception is your username.

  All payments MUST be paid upfront unless I say otherwise. I will not start on the commission until I've received payment. 
  If I do not receive a payment within 24hrs, the order is canceled.

  I will give refunds in full if I haven't started the work.
  I will only give partial refunds depending on how far I am finished with the work.

I usually will not give full refunds once the commission is completed. However, if you are unhappy with the result I am more than happy to give you discounts on future purchases from me!

✔ Will Draw✕ Won't Draw
Humans | Male & Female OKNSFW/ Extreme Fetishes
Anthro/Furries Mecha
Ask me if you aren't sureAsk me if you aren't sure

Subject Matter
I am opened to most themes, anthros, ferals, etc. A list is available above. I do not draw NSFW.

In most cases, I will accept to make small changes once given the final result, if I missed any crucial detail of what you've requested. This is the only opportunity you can ask for changes. Once you approve of the final results you no longer can ask for any changes.

Do not confuse this opportunity to ask for additional accessories to the work, things of that nature should have been discussed previously.

I retain the rights to my artwork, which means I can still post them where ever I so desire. This also includes using them as merchandise (prints, book covers, etc.) and portfolios. Though I can tell you that I will never make merch off of commissioned work unless they are specifically a fandom character like Naruto or Sasuke. Still, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't.

All art, commissions, and adoptables bought by me are for personal use only. If you are the commissioner you are free to re-post the work as long as you properly credit me with the image being posted.

You may make charms, T-shirts, and other merchandise in limited quantity (personal use) for yourself and friends only.

Buying Commercial Rights
Buying Commercial Rights is negotiable, Please contact me if you are looking to buy Commercial Rights or Broadcasting Rights. These rights are targeted for people who plan to use my art or design in:

Youtube/Twitch (streaming services)
Merchandise for profit
Any other situation where you make a profit or desire to have rights to my designs.

Things to keep in mind and prepare for before contacting me:
1. There may be additional fees for art used as stream assets if fees were not already included in the price.

2. If you desire to claim rights to a design and or concepts you must agree to forfeit from trading/reselling the design back into the market. Doing so will nullify the rights to the design and does not transfer to the new owner, nor will you receive a refund when breaking this agreement. New owners must repurchase the rights for themselves.
If you resell to another individual, this is fine (it will be treated like an adoptable design again w/ no rights attached).You cannot resell to a company/agency without having me involved (includes Vtuber models).
3. You must explain to me what role the design will have in your story for the game/visual novel/comic/etc. Showing me outlines, scripts, and other concepts for story is fine. This is mainly the show legitimacy in your interest to gain rights as well as for me to make sure that the design isn't used to promote hate speech, racism, or sexual content with children. Lying or misleading me about any aspect of the role/purpose to promote the previously listed will automatically terminate the agreement.

4. Indicate to me if you are an individual, in a team or company.
If you are an individual or a team that joins a company with my work to continue to create profit, the agreement must be renegotiated with the company; it would no longer be appropriate for individual/team standards.
5. You will most likely be required to sign legal documents.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me!

Chibi Prices

Classic Chibi

Flat - $30 USD
Shaded - $40 USD
Couple OK. Price per Character.


$30 USD
Shade not available.
Single character only.


$35 USD
Shade not available.
Single character only.

Full body Prices

Full Body

Flat - $65 USD
Shade - $80 USD

Illustration Prices


Starting price $180 USD
Waist up w/ Background.

Full body $280 USD
w/ Background

Reference Sheet/Customs

Personal Use Only
(intended for adoptables/custom adopts)
For Vtuber Model Sheets requires commercial rights, please look over at Vtuber Model Sheets for price

Reference Sheet

Price $180 USD
1 Full Body
1 Chibi
3 Bust
Color Palette

Twitch/Youtube Emojis

Twitch/Youtube Emojis

Commercial Use is included.
$35 USD each
Bundle of 3: $100 USD
Bundle of 5: $160 USD

You have commercial rights to use the icons to make profit (Twitch subs & Youtube membership).

Vtuber Model Commission

Please email me at contact@lahtistar.com to get started. There are no forms currently for Live2D Models or Model Sheets.

First and foremost, these prices are for individual users/independent Vtubers.
If you are a company/agency please contact me at contact@lahtistar.com for inquiry.

Payments are made through Paypal invoice.You have the option of paying in full or paying a 50% down payment.
The second half of the payment must be made within THREE weeks.
Once started, payment is non-refundable.
If you can't complete the second payment the model will be scrapped with no refund.
Commercial Use is included.(You have commercial rights to use the model to make profit, but you do not have the rights to redistribute the model to other companies/agencies.)
Do not resell the Live2D model without notifying me.
Do not join a company or agency with my Live2D model without first notifying me or having me involved in the process.

Live2D + Custom Vtuber Model Sheet Bundle is available for $900 (You save $100)

Live2D Model

Sample Model

Illustration ONLY
Starting Price $1000 $750 USD
(Currently 25% OFF for first-time/early model customers)
Please provide a reference or character model sheet.It is recommended that you have a Live2D rigger ready or have someone in mind, so we can communicate during the model cutting stage.
What is included:
1 full-body model4 expressions of your choiceFree edits (If you need any edits based on the rigger's request)Includes .PNG & .PDS file of all model parts
You will get 1 colored sketch mock-up of your model to confirm the pose. You can ask for any edits for the pose.Once approved I will line and color.
Additional expression: $35 USD eachAdditional outfits: $100 USD eachVisemes focused mouthpieces (11 different mouth parts for vowels): $70 USD(Basically offer more mouthparts so rigger is not limited to open and closed mouth to rig Visemes)
Additional parts for special toggle/animation must be discussed first.Complexity charge: $70-$90 USD(If your model is very complex and requires more time, it will cost extra)

Returning Guarantee Slot
$75 USD
Planning to get any outfit or alternate hairstyles upgrades for your model in the future? Or for a special milestone goal? Regardless of being closed for commission or not, I will have you as priority to make your deadline. You would still need to inform me at least 1 month in advance so I have time to do your commission.

Custom Vtuber Model Sheet

If you don't have a character and need a custom design
Starting Price $250 USD
Please have some ideas readyPinterest images are OK

What is included:
Front, back, and 1 side view of the model(recommended if you plan to go 3D in the future to be used as reference for 3D modelers)
Outfit break down
You will get 3 sketch mock-up of characters to pick from. You can mix and match elements from the mock-up/ask for edits before moving forward.You will get 2 sketch color mock-up of the character before moving forward. You are free to ask for edits or mix and match colors.After approval, I will line and color.
2nd side view: $30 USDExpression change: $15 USD per expressionAdditional outfits $45Complexity charge: $50-$70 USD(If your model is very complex and requires more time, it will cost extra)

Stream Overlays

Status: Open


(Commercial Rights Included)

Separate Purchases

Animated Background: $100 USD
Static version includedIf it's a complex animation it will cost extraalternate animated background will cost an extra $50 USD
Transition Stinger: $70 USD
If it's a complex animation it will cost extra

Overlay Basic Pack: $150 USD

Animated BackgroundVideo/Main OverlayJust chatting
( Alternate animated background will cost an extra $50 USD)

Static version will be included

Overlay Standard Pack: $200 USD

Animated BackgroundVideo/Main OverlayJust chattingStarting, Brb, Ending
( Different layout for Starting, Brb, Ending or alternate animated background will cost an extra $50 USD)

Static version included

Overlay Premium Pack: $250

Animated BackgroundVideo/Main OverlayJust chattingStarting, Brb, EndingTransition Stinger
( Different layout for Starting, Brb, Ending or alternate animated background will cost an extra $50 USD)

Static version included